Gymnastic Course with Coach Indy! CrossFit 43085

Coach Indy:

Hello Everyone!  Finally, we’re putting together a Gymnastics Course that everyone has been waiting on.  Year after year, it has been a major goal of many to get a Muscle Up, or a Handstand Walks. These are vital parts of CrossFit, if you wish to progress to that next level. However if you feel like you’re nowhere close to a Muscle Up, don’t worry about it!  We will be working on every aspect of both the Muscle up and Handstand Walking.  We will start with the basics and move up to more advanced techniques as we progress.  Tuesdays will be Muscle Up days, and Thursdays will be for Handstands, which we will scale according to your fitness level.  There will be extra credit homework that will be given weekly to maximize the results of the 6 Week Course.


  1. 6 weeks
  2. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 730 pm at CrossFit 43085
  3. Limited to 12 Participants
  4. This will be for all members from each box!
  5. Starts January 30th
  6. $125 per person for the 6 weeks

If you would like to sign up please complete this form!


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