Hip Hop with Kristin is coming to CrossFit 43123!

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My name is Kristin Minthorn and I teach Hip Hop and Cycle classes in and around Columbus Ohio. I was born and raised in Columbus and my love of dance was born from a love of music. I make up all my own choreography and have over three hours of songs I rotate through, so every class is unique. The songs range from Top 40, to Raggaeton, to Hip hop, to pop. The choreography ranges from the very simplistic, to physically challenging, but I always provide regressions so that people of ALL fitness levels are able to participate! I believe that where our words fail to speak, our heart uses the body through movement. Pushing myself and my students; taking the time to encouraging each person individually; and genuinely investing time in each person’s health and well-being are things I take pride in. I have overcome a lot on my life and truly believe in people’s ability to change. I refuse to accept excuses! Life is short, so we need to live it well! Love hard, work honestly, live with integrity, speak your truth, and do your dance!


Mark your calendars, Grove City, cuz I’m coming for ya!!! We’re gonna turn Grove City into GROOOOVE CITY 😉😉😉 (so corny, gotta love it).

The deets:

👊Friday, January 19 @6:45p
👊$8 drop in (no punch cards available yet)
👊3455 Centerpoint Dr d Grove City Ohio 43123 inside CrossFit 43123

If you cannot make this class, there will be another one two Fridays from then, on February 2! I am REALLY excited about this opportunity, and I can’t wait to see how it all works out and where it leads!

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