The Bonfire by Michael Thurmond cited by Jackie Gire

 In Nutrition

“I often use the analogy of a bonfire to explain how the body’s metabolism works and to help people understand how to manipulate their diets to burn body fat. So try to imagine your metabolism as a bonfire, and the food you eat as logs you put on the fire. If the bonfire is burning big and hot, it has no trouble consuming the additional wood you put on it. You put on a giant log, and it burns in minutes. To keep the bonfire going, though, you have to keep feeding it with pieces of wood, or else it will die out. Unless you keep throwing wood on the fire, the blaze will turn into a pile of embers. Your metabolism works the same way: If you continue to feed it with the right foods in the right amounts at the right intervals, you stoke your metabolism. It will run very efficiently, and your body will bum that food for fuel. When you have a very fast metabolism, your body can easily bum whatever you feed it. Conversely, if the bonfire begins to die out and bum more slowly, it doesn’t burn as quickly the new wood you put on it. If you put a big log on the smoldering embers of a fire, the log is liable just to sit there. It may take all night for it to slowly bum away. Again, your metabolism works the same way. When your metabolism is very slow, it can’t bum all the calories you feed it. The food you eat just sits there and eventually gets stored as fat. Put another way: A slow metabolism is not burning food for fuel: it is storing food as body fat.”

2005 by Michael Thurmond and Provida Publishing, LLC

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