Vinyas and Yin Yoga at CrossFit 43085!

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Yin Yoga

Reset mind, body, and psyche with Yin Yoga. This is the perfect way to unwind after a long week of workouts.
Yin Yoga targets deep connective tissue and emphasizes holding poses anywhere from 2 – 5 minutes each.
Yin Yoga incorporates mindfulness + mental concentration techniques, and is a fantastic complement to counterbalance our often over-stressed, over-stimulated, fast-paced lifestyles. Appropriate for all fitness levels!

Vinyasa Yoga

Build strength, flexibility, and honed concentration in this flow-style 45-minute yoga class appropriate for all levels.
We will build a sweat—stimulating heat, burning calories, and detoxifying the body and mind. 
We will then progressively unwind with restorative postures intended to bring calm and relaxation to mind, body, and psyche.
Enjoy the benefits of vinyasa yoga: reduced stress + anxiety, increased circulation, and greater joint mobility—to name just a few!
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